Wednesday, December 16, 2009


At about eight months old, Elliette started to develop a small red spot on the bottom of her left nostril, and slowly grew into a medium sized bump. We've seen a handful of doctors, and have gotten a handful of diagnoses. First, we saw a plastic surgeon who said that it was a hemangioma, and that it would go away on its own as she got older. The only reason he could think of to have it removed was if it grew large enough to interfere with breathing through her nose. The second diagnosis we got was from her pediatrician, who said he thought it was a pyogenic granuloma. That one made the most sense to us, since we found a few pictures that looked a lot like what she had going on. But, a few weeks ago, it started breaking open and bleeding, so we went to an ear, nose and throat Dr. who said it was a nasal dermoid cyst. Those can have an intracranial connection, possibly containing brain tissue, making removal very difficult and risky. Needless to say, we DID NOT like that diagnosis at all. So yesterday we took her to the childrens hospital in Hartford for an MRI to rule out the intracranial connection.


Since she wouldn't be able to keep still during the procedure, she had to go under anesthesia. She did remarkably well, and came out of it in very high spirits. We should hear from the ENT by Friday to discuss what he sees.





This is my brother Daniel's new puppy, Angel. She's a Pit bull mix, but he's unsure what the other breed/breeds are. You can't really see the Pit characteristics in the pictures, but in person it really shows.


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