Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting back to training

For those I haven't told, I have a small "chip fracture" in my left foot from a bad fall I took trying to climb over a baby gate while holding Elliette. I saw an orthopedist about two weeks ago, and he said the fracture is so small  that I can start running again as long as there is no significant pain. I've been doing an easy mile or two on the treadmill every day just to see how the foot would respond. So far, so good! There really has been no pain at all related to the running, so today I did my first road run since late September. (I would have prefered to be on trails anyday, but I didn't want to risk breaking an ankle slipping on the snow and ice) I did an easy  3 miles with no problems at all, so I think it is ok to get back on a light training schedule. What makes it even better is that Nancy has really gotten into running on the treadmill, and acually seems to be enjoying herself. We've decided to try and get a team together to run the Ragnor Relay, a 180-mile relay for teams of 12. It starts in New Haven, CT, at Yale, and finishes in Boston, Mass,  at Harvard. So far, we have a tentative 4-5 confirmations and a few leads on more. It's really nice to have a goal to work makes training much easier knowing I have a race on the horizon.

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