Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Connecticut

Considering the unholy times I hear that other parents get up on xmas morning, I'll consider myself blessed to have slept until 7:45am. Nancy's family arrived promptly at 8:00am to see the kids open their gifts, and to share a holiday breakfast. Kept it pretty low key throughout the day, went to my grandparents house for a wonderful brunch prepared by my womderful Grandma Helen, then home for a little "spiked" hot chocolate and some much needed downtime. These are the highlights:





Kole has been practicing his guitar a lot more as of late, he has even taken to writing out simple melodies and playing them to me. I think I'll use this as much as he will!

Found the pickle!

All the girls...

Elliette showing her new teeth to Papa...

...then checking out his old ones!

Grandma Helen and I.




My crazy uncle Doug found this widow maker hanging off the roof.

Currently taking up prime real estate in my living room...

A very nice, thoughtful gift from our friend and neighbor, Lisa.

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