Friday, November 13, 2009


I don't know if its the global climate changing, or just the ebb and flow of natural weather paterns, but it seems that New England has been experiencing only two seasons in the past few years: summer, and winter. Sure we still get "spring" and "autumn", but they seem more like precursors to the more harsh and long lasting season to come, rather than 1/2 of the years weather. Winter, to me at least, lasted a whole 6 months last year. It might have seemed longer than normal since I was more or less home bound without a car and a new baby, but it was still entirely unpleasant nonetheless. It would be far easier to deal with cold weather if my right hand wasn't in almost constant discomfort, or when it's really cold out, dull throbbing pain. Due to numerous injuries, there is a great deal of scar tissue and nerve damage, and coupled with my naturally poor circulation makes it feel like I've been squeezing an ice cube, even in 55F weather. My doctor has said there really isn't anything that can be done, besides major surgery to clear out the damaged tissue and attempt to repair the nerves. Even if I did decide to have the surgery, there really isn't any guarantee that it would be very successful. So instead I've developed a ritual of balling my hand into a fist and rubbing it harshly on my thigh to warm it up. I cannot wait to move to a warmer climate.

If I had a dime for every time I took something out of Elliettes mouth, I'd probably have a few hundred bucks by now.

I've been talking with some guys who hang out at the tattoo shop I've been piercing at recently about starting a new band, and with it starting to come to fruition I thought it was time to buy a guitar. I've been getting by playing guitars that people have loaned me since I had to sell my two vintage Gibsons to pay the mortgage a few years ago, so it's nice to have my own again. Elliette likes it, too. It's a 2004 Fender Telecaster (American), and sounds like sonic gold through my Mesa/Boogie Maverick 4x10.

I'll be working all day today, which usually means I get to sit around and watch movies most of the day since not many people tend to get piercings in the colder seasons. Fine with me!

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