Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing broken, but still not working as it should

I went and got my foot checked out today at the walk in clinic here in town. The Dr. said there probably wasn't anything broken since I had almost full range of motion, but he sent me to a satellite office to have an x-ray done just to be sure. We just spoke a few minutes ago on the telephone and he said there was no indication of a break or fracture, but there was an area of opacity (white spot) on the part of my foot where the pain is located. So I'm being set up for a CAT scan sometime in the next few days to have a better look. My x-ray tech wife, however, thinks the spot may be an indication of avascular necrosis. That would mean that I had had a small fracture or dislocation that disrupted the blood vessels that supply blood to that part of the bone, and without the blood supply the bone will die, and eventually collapse. Awesome. So if that option isn't brought up by the Dr., I might mention it and request an MRI, which would make for a better diagnosis.

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