Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swimming Classes and more Skydiving Pictures

Today was Elliette's first "Mommy and Me" swim class, inappropriately named since there were 3 moms and 2 dads (including me) in the class. Whatever. After being on the "Parenting Magazine" mailing list for more years than I can remember  I've come to grips with the fact that people understand that there ARE stay at home Dads in the world, they just don't expect to encounter it in day to day life.Whatever. I can deal with that, I blow minds for a living.  :)

Anyway, Elliette LOVES to swim and get wet, so it was a big treat and she enjoyed herself immensely. We got to do perennial favorites such as "The Wheels on the Bus", "The Hokey Pokey", and "Simon Says". The instructor also had them practice kicking, blowing bubbles in the water, and floating on their backs. I wasn't too excited for Elliette to get the pool water in her mouth, but she didn't like the taste and got the hang of spitting it back out. She's never been scared of water and puts her face right in, a bit unlike Kole. He's 7-1/2 years old, and still won't put his head under or swim without floaties or someone there to hold him up. And it's not limited to the pool, oh no. In the shower whenever it's time to rinse his hair or face it's like he's being waterboarded. Seriously. Like I'm pouring acid on him. I've learned to close all the windows before bath time so the neighbors won't think I'm beating him. He is getting better, for sure...but I thought it was something he'd grow out of A LOT earlier.

I received a disk with about 80 more images of my skydive in the mail yesterday, here are some highlights:



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