Monday, October 26, 2009

Mondays, am I right? Eh?

I'm still having trouble getting to sleep at night, it happens every year at this time and I should learn to expect it by now. Luckily, Elliette still takes a two hour nap in the late morning, and I was able to recharge a bit more. So now I'm probably functioning on 70-80% power. Nothing copious amounts of caffeine won't remedy. Load me up and send me rattling down the street, oh yeah.

I made a good amount of headway into the mountains of laundry that amassed durring the summer break. Doing chores takes a backseat to more important things (like playing) on school break, haha. I got all the clean stuff folded, put away, or hung up, and tomorrow I'm going to really lay into the dirty stuff.

Koletrane Has two half days of school this week, and he has been asking to get back to Sleeping Giant so we can do a little rock climbing. I think I may surprise him soon and take him to Prime Climb, an indoor rock climbing facility in Wallingford (one town over from us). I'd feel a lot better about his reckless abandon and lack of concern for personal safety if there were pads under him in case he fell. I would also like to get out with him for one more overnight camping trip with him, too, before temps get below freezing at night. It'll probably have to this weekend or the next, if it's not too cold by then.

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