Sunday, October 18, 2009


Very rainy, dreary day here in Connecticut. Koles soccer game was rained out, again...I feel bad that he has only gotten to play 3 games in the 6 weeks since the season has started. He was so excited to play, but inclement weather and fevers have been keeping him off the field as much as he has been on it. So today we'll be eating pizza, drinking chocolate soy milk, and watching "Howls Moving Castle." We absolutely LOVE Hayo Miazaki's films, and Kole and I like to get excited and make an event out of watching them, even if it's one we've seen many times before. I wish we had gotten out to the theater to see "Ponyo" when it was being shown, it looks amazing. It's supposed to be a retelling of Hans Christian Anderson's "The Little Mermaid", and I'm very excited to see the story through the eyes of Miazaki.

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