Monday, January 4, 2010

The past 10 years in *brief* retrospective:

The years 2000-2009 in the life of Jay Prince:

-Quit my job with a marginal future in lieu of an artistic job that paid crap.
-Played in a great band with a bunch of awesome guys.
-Moved into my first apartment.
-Broke edge.
-Played a ton of awesome shows and met a ton of awesome people, some of which became life long friends.
-Met Nancy in the beginning of 2000
-Ended a relationship with a very nice girl.
-Drove a car without a rear windshield for an entire New England winter.
-Fell deeply, completely, and hopelessly in love.
-Got pepper sprayed by pigs cops a few times.
-Moved in with Nancy.
-Got arrested for dumpster diving/learned valuable life lessons.
-Quit my band.
-Had a Baby Boy.
-Got a job doing body piercings full time.
-Worked long miserable hours.
-Lost my Dad.
-Became very depressed.
-Quit my job and got my life back on track.
-Took a wonderful, mind cleansing trip to California.
-Read hundreds of books.
-Discovered my love of long distance running.
-Discovered Buddhism, and Buddhist meditation.
-Got married.
-Confessed to Nancy I really did want another child.  :)
-Had a Baby Girl.
-Lived life.

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